Brasserie Lipp Take-Away with 20% discount

Brasserie Lipp

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Lipp Take-Away

Lipp Take-Away: Seafood, Oysters, Mussels…

Seafood and oysters are a long-standing tradition at Brasserie Lipp. For as long as anyone can remember, Lipp has been known for its high quality shellfish, guaranteed fresh, delicious and healthy. Seafood has to be shipped long distances to find its way to your table. But when the sweet seawater smell and taste fill your senses, you know it’s the freshest it can be.

Lipp Take-Away


LIPP Take-Away

Did you know that you can now call ahead to order your oysters or shellfish and Lipp Take-Out will have it ready for pickup?

With Lipp Take-Away, you can take a selection of oysters and shellfish home for a relaxed dinner with your family or a group of friends.

Restaurant-fresh oysters are shucked, nestled in a bed of ice, and carefully packed, along with buttered rye bread and lemon wedges. The perfect meal … and ready in 45 minutes, thanks to our Lipp Take-Away service.

To order, call 043 888 66 66.

Pick up at the Lipp Take-Away counter.

Convenient five-minute parking is available in front of the Sternwarte Parkhaus UraniaOtherwise, please use the Parkhaus Urania.