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Oysters and Seafood in the Brasserie Lipp

Oysters and seafood in the brasserie, a high quality and tasty tradition

Oysters and seafood are the traditional pillars of the Lipp brasserie. Since you can remember, the Lipp has been known for quality and freshness. In order to live up to this reputation every day, we have selected our suppliers with great care and have enjoyed good cooperation for many years.

Among all seafood lovers, the pleasure is no coincidence and that they are still loyal to the Brasserie Lipp today. In addition, oyster lovers insist that they know what high quality and tasty oysters are. An oyster is especially valuable if the additives are not too salty.
Austern und Meeresfrüchte Brasserie Lipp

You will also come across the popular pot-aux-moules . Prepared in a tasty and slightly creamy base with diced vegetables. An elegant tasty dish .. with or without french fries allumettes!

The grace of the different plates would not be possible without the skill of our cooks. Of course we also have the popular favorites such as l’assiette du Mareyeur, le Royal Lipp or l’Impérial, we are happy to serve our guests a combination that suits their personal taste. With our large selection of mussels, clams, whelks, sea snails, crayfish, shrimps and lobsters, it is understandable that the selection time is a little longer … At our Brasserie Lipp, oysters and seafood are the fruit of our passion!

Moules Muscheln Lipp Zürich Brasserie

It takes a lot of patience and quality awareness to make the oysters and seafood of the Brasserie Lipp one of the best. Naturally, an oyster takes four years to be eaten. For us it is a top priority not to intervene in this natural process, but we would like to give the oyster the time to mature to the indescribable quality. The life of the oyster still holds many secrets. From its seed to adulthood, the oyster will go through many stages that have not yet been established. So it is still unclear why and how the change from a female oyster to a male oyster occurs.
Austern und Meeresfrüchte Brasserie Lipp Zürich

The oyster is very delicate and fragile. Many elements influence their growth: the tide of the tide, the water temperature and their salinity … These are the reasons why Jean Pierre Bernard works tirelessly to create the principles of optimal conditions in his farm. This is also why we find “Claire” in the name of the various oysters.

Choose and enjoy the oysters in the Lipp

Before the gourmet can enjoy the oysters, the oysters go through a final phase of maturation in the clear pools built on salt gardens. The name you find on our map depends on the time the oysters stay in the pool. It takes about two to three months for the fines de claires, and a maximum of 20 to 30 oysters can be placed on one square meter. The Spéciales de claires benefit from a very special treatment: no more than ten oysters per square meter for five to six months. As for the Clear shoots, they mature for around 6 to 8 months and, if all the quality conditions are met, we generally obtain them from mid-December and only in small quantities. All this attention and patience are rewarded with oysters that are neither too thin nor too large and of incomparable taste.

Une Fine de claires No1 (weight from 115 to 125g)

Auster Fine de claires No1


Une Spéciale de claires No2 (weight from 100 to 115g)

Auster Spéciale de claires No2


Une Fine de claires No3 (weight from 70 to 80g)

Auster Fine de claires No3


In addition, they feed on a microscopic algae found only in the Marennes basin. This gives them a unique green color but also contributes to their subtle flavor. Jean-Pierre Bernard’s oysters are nchouchoutées, in the rules of the art and are subject to a more severe selection, more thorough controls and the most attentive care. An example ? For the refining of the Clear Specials, when the standard is 10 per cane, Jean-Pierre Bernard sticks to a maximum of 4 or 5. Last criterion for your choice, the size. This term designates the weight of oysters and not their size. There are generally 5 main categories.
Une Spéciale de claires No4 (weight from 60 to 70g)

Auster Spéciale de claires No4


Une Papillon (poids de 45 à 55g)

Auster Papillon


Bring the French brasserie kitchen home

Our freshly prepared oysters and seafood platters are now also available for your home. Select your favorite oysters from our take-away offer, simply and conveniently, and order by phone from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Your order is ready for pickup after 45 minutes. You are welcome to pay in cash or with a credit card when you collect the goods.

As a thank you for your pick-up from our brasserie, you will receive a 20% discount on the entire take-away offer. *
* Discount already included in the price

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